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@wikingyalcinm: how much ram do u have for your vmware image?06:05
yalcinm1GB wiking06:07
@wikingu need at least 4 gigs for a modular interface to compile06:07
yalcinmok I do have that06:08
yalcinmis this the problem?06:08
@wikingok then give your virtual machine 5 gigs of ram just to be on the safe sid06:08
@wikingyou've just said that your virtual machine has only 1gib06:08
yalcinmyes but I can change that06:09
@wikingdo change it to 5 gigs06:09
@wikingyou'll have no problem to compile then eigen dependent stuff either...06:09
yalcinmdo you have 2 mins?06:09
@wikingno i dont06:09
yalcinmI need a list of packages required to compile with Cygwin64 Terminal06:10
yalcinmlike make, cmake, g++, gcc, whatever06:10
@wikingyalcinm: well since you know the list of packages you need in ubuntu06:10
@wikingthat should enough information06:10
yalcinmwiking: that's good then06:10
@wikingand btw i dont know whether or not it compiles with cygwin06:10
yalcinmwiking: as far as I understand with the results I got on Cygwin64 Terminal after typing cmake -DPythonModular=ON -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$HOME/shogun-install" ..06:12
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yalcinmwiking: I set the RAM as 7 GB06:28
yalcinm wiking ?06:29
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yalcinmubuntu is not frozen but06:30
yalcinm[ 85%] Building CXX object src/interfaces/python_modular/CMakeFiles/_python_modular.dir/modshogunPYTHON_wrap.cxx.o06:30
yalcinmIt stuck here again, it doesn't continue06:30
yalcinmyay, it start to flow again06:31
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yalcinmLinking CXX executable variational_approx_example [100%] Built target variational_approx_example06:37
yalcinmwiking: make install also worked06:38
yalcinmwiking: how can I test if it is built and installed06:39
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yalcinmuser@ubuntuvm:~/shogun-install/share/shogun/examples/libshogun$ chmod +x ./so_multiclass_BMRM && ./so_multiclass_BMRM Segmentation fault (core dumped)06:41
yalcinmwiking: ???06:41
yalcinm10 sec06:41
yalcinmcome on man06:42
yalcinmis it done?06:42
yalcinmuser@ubuntuvm:~/shogun-install/share/shogun/examples/libshogun$ chmod +x ./so_multiclass_BMRM && ./so_multiclass_BMRM Segmentation fault (core dumped)06:42
yalcinmwiking: man?!06:46
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yalcinmuser@ubuntuvm:~/shogun-install/share/shogun/examples/libshogun$ chmod +x ./so_multiclass_BMRM && ./so_multiclass_BMRM Segmentation fault (core dumped)06:55
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MadanHello, I am an UG student pursuing Integrated B.Tech. and Masters in Computer Science. My fields of interest include Machine Learning and Data Mining and I would like to contribute in extending Shogun. Can anyone help me on where to start from?06:56
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yalcinmhello Madan07:06
yalcinmMadan: are you there?07:06
Madanhello yalcinm07:06
Madanyalcinm: Yeah07:06
yalcinmMadan: where are you from?07:07
MadanI am studying in IIIT-Hyderabad, India. Currently in my 3rd year.07:08
yalcinmMadan: cool07:08
yalcinmdo you have shogun toolbox installed and compiled?07:09
yalcinmMadan: what's your O/S07:09
Madanyalcinm: Not yet. I have just cloned the shogun repo from github.07:11
MadanI am working on Ubuntu.07:11
Madanyalcinm: Can you provide me some link which has instructions on how to install and compile shogun toolbox? I found this one:
yalcinmdo you know python?07:30
MadanYeah I know python07:38
yalcinmon ubuntu terminal07:41
yalcinmI need to say that I'm new with python and ubuntu07:42
yalcinmwhich python ide do you recommend on ubuntu07:42
Madanyalcinm: i don't use any ide for python07:43
MadanWhich OS do you use?07:43
yalcinmwindows 8 + VMWare + Ubuntu 14.04 LTS07:49
Madanyalcinm: Okay. So did you get it?07:52
yalcinmMadan: get what?07:54
yalcinmdo you have facebook?07:54
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yalcinmMadan: get what?07:58
yalcinmMadan: do you have facebook?07:58
Madanyalcinm: Yeah I have. I think we have some misunderstandings here then.07:59
yalcinmMadan: I want to ask help from you about python & ubuntu08:00
yalcinmthat's why I asked your facebook Madan08:00
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Madanyalcinm: Yeah that's what I was asking if you got how to use python on ubuntu or not08:02
yalcinmMadan: on terminal, when I type python, then I have it08:03
yalcinmbut it is not easy to use for me08:03
Madani have very rarely used python in windows, but I think once you type python on terminal, the interface should be same as in windows.08:05
yalcinmMadan: I've just compiled shogun, and when I type import modshogun, it doesn't work08:06
yalcinmMadan: from modshogun import RealFeatures, RegressionLabels, GaussianKernel, Math08:07
yalcinmMadan: ?08:08
Madanyalcinm: I am also just a beginner here. I don't have much exposure to shogun tools yet. I am also seeking some help. Maybe someone who has better knowledge can help you out in it.08:10
yalcinmMadan: have you ever worked with multiple kernel learning? support vector machines?08:13
MadanYeah I have worked with SVMs, not multiple kernel learning though08:15
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yalcinmwiking: are you there?09:00
yalcinmwiking: just tell me if compile is ok or not09:01
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yalcinmlisitsyn: ?09:26
yalcinmwho is here?09:26
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yalcinmanybody here?09:39
yalcinmwhat is wrong here? wiking ?10:01
@wikingyalcinm: u could really learn from this.. highly recommend it that you read it
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rajatCan someone plz help me get started with Shogun? I am new to it.18:23
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