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AndreLopesIs sonney here?00:57
AndreLopesor anyone else? :D00:57
* lupinix is here, but he thinks he cannot help with any problems^^ he just started to play around with shogun a little bit00:59
AndreLopesi just need help to install it on windows01:01
AndreLopesi installed cygwin already01:01
AndreLopeswhat should i do next01:01
lupinixi'm a pure linux user01:01
lupinixis there some kind of manual for installation on windows?01:02
lupinixlooks like you have to compile stuff from source?01:02
AndreLopesIt seems so01:03
AndreLopesi dont understand it very well01:03
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AndreLopesHi Karthi01:10
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AndreLopeshi Piros01:17
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karthikabinavHi Andre01:42
lupinixAndreLopes: which manual do you use for installation?01:51
lupinixthe ones i found even don't match the installation using cmake01:55
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lupinixi think using fedora is easier^^ thanks to besser82 we have a complete and well maintained set of shogun packages there01:58
AndreLopesso theres no way i can use windows?02:01
lupinixi don't know... at least cmake stuff and basic libraries should be available in cygwin02:02
AndreLopesThey are02:03
AndreLopesi installed them02:03
lupinixdo you have any experience with the cygwin/linux terminal?02:04
lupinixhttp://www.shogun-toolbox.org/doc/en/current/installation.html seems to be outdated :(02:07
lupinixrecipe would be: open cygwin terminal, download http://shogun-toolbox.org/archives/shogun/releases/3.2/sources/shogun-3.2.0.tar.bz2 using wget, unextract it using "tar -xjvf shogun-3.2.0.tar.bz2"02:10
lupinixgo into directory using "cd shogun-3.2.0", create build directory "mkdir build", go in "cd build"02:10
lupinixthen let cmake configure the build process "cmake .."02:10
lupinixif there are errors or missing dependencies you have to install them and then run cmake again02:11
AndreLopesok so how  do i open cmake02:11
lupinixwhen it is fine: compile using "make"02:12
lupinixcmake is a commandline tool should be available in cygwin shell02:12
AndreLopesC:\Users\Andr? V Lopes\Downloads\shogun-3.2.0.tar\shogun-3.2.0\shogun-3.2.002:12
AndreLopesits there02:12
AndreLopesoh i see02:12
AndreLopesso i just go to the folder with cygwin02:13
AndreLopesand do the stuff02:13
lupinixthats why i asked for some terminal knowledge ;)02:13
AndreLopesi know prompt of command02:13
AndreLopesand gradle and stuff02:13
AndreLopesbut not linux :D02:13
lupinixhopefully cygwin and fedora linux are similar enough in this case ^^02:13
AndreLopeshow do i02:14
AndreLopesgo to a certain location02:15
AndreLopesfor example i wanna go to : D:\shogun-3.2.002:15
lupinixpuh... question is: where is D: in cygwin... paths look different on unix like OSes02:15
lupinixtype "pwd"02:16
lupinixto see where you are02:16
AndreLopes$ pwd /home/Andr? V Lopes02:16
lupinixlets try "cd d:/"02:17
lupinixmaybe it just works :D02:17
AndreLopes$ "cd D:/" -bash: cd D:/: No such file or directory02:17
AndreLopesbut when i did02:17
AndreLopesit seem  to have worked02:18
lupinixpwd again02:18
AndreLopesit changed to a ">" thoug02:18
AndreLopespwd and nothing changed02:18
AndreLopesnothing appeared02:18
lupinixthen it didn't work02:18
lupinix"cd /cygdrive/d"02:18
lupinixsays google to me :D02:18
AndreLopessame thing02:19
lupinixthats the shell prompt, its ok02:19
lupinixpwd again02:19
lupinixand "ls" (lowercase L)02:19
AndreLopesor pwd ls02:20
AndreLopesor ls02:20
lupinixonly ls02:20
AndreLopesnone of them changed anything02:20
lupinixwhats the output?02:20
lupinixof ls02:20
AndreLopesi reopened cyg02:21
AndreLopesand it worked now02:21
AndreLopesi can see my D: drive now02:21
AndreLopesand i can see shogun folder02:22
AndreLopeswhat should i do now02:22
lupinixmaybe at first start some variables weren't set properly02:22
lupinixcd shogun-3.2.002:22
lupinixto go into the fiolder02:22
lupinix(assuming that you are already in d)02:23
AndreLopesim there02:23
AndreLopesit showed the stuff inside shogun folder02:24
lupinixmkdir build02:24
lupinixcd build02:24
lupinixnow we start using cmake by "cmake .." (the two points are important)02:25
AndreLopesso i just say cmake ..02:25
lupinixit should start to look for dependencies now02:26
lupinixyou will get errors if something important is missing02:26
AndreLopes$ cmake .. CMake Error: CMake was unable to find a build program corresponding to "Unix Makefiles".  CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM is not set.  You probably need to select a different build tool. CMake Error: Error required internal CMake variable not set, cmake may be not be built correctly. Missing variable is: CMAKE_C_COMPILER_ENV_VAR CMake Error: Error required internal CMake variable not set, cmake may be not be built correctly. Missin02:27
AndreLopesa lot of errors02:27
lupinixmake and gcc compilers are missing, you have to install make and gcc-g++ (maybe its called gcc-c++) using the cygwin installer02:28
lupinixwhen you installed them: run cmake again02:30
AndreLopes1 sec02:30
lupinixAndreLopes: does it work now?02:43
AndreLopesstill installing gcc lol02:43
AndreLopestaking ages... idk why02:44
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lupinixhopefully this one is fixed https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/issues/238002:47
lupinixto make some more advertisement for fedora: there you just need to type in "yum install shogun" (and depending on your needs some more packages, i use shogun with python for example) and you got it :D02:49
AndreLopesnew errors02:53
lupinixyou have to go through the missing libraries now and install them. the missing one raising the error is python02:55
lupinixothers look like optional (but useful) dependencies02:55
AndreLopeslets see what happens now02:58
lupinixAndreLopes: btw i think you should write an email to the mailing list http://www.shogun-toolbox.org/page/contact/contacts02:58
AndreLopesOh ok02:58
lupinixabout windows support02:58
AndreLopeswill i be able to run this on netbeans (java) after all this ?02:59
lupinixi don't know, i really have no plan of software development on windows in combination with stuff like cygwin03:00
AndreLopesI normally use Encog03:02
lupinixnever used it, i started with python/scikit-learn03:03
lupinixAndreLopes: is it compiling?03:09
AndreLopesi decided to isntall the whole python package03:09
AndreLopesits installing03:09
AndreLopesi also installed some other stuff too...03:09
AndreLopesif it fails again03:09
AndreLopesi will isntall everything03:09
AndreLopesi type too fast and i end up saying isntall instead of install...03:10
AndreLopes-- To compile shogun type --   make -- -- To install shogun to /usr/local type --   make install -- -- or to install to a custom directory --   make install DESTDIR=/my/special/path --   (or rerun cmake with -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/my/special/path) to just change the prefix -- =================================================================================================================== -- Configuring done -- Generating done 03:12
lupinixnow "make"03:12
AndreLopesdo i need to activate java interface first?03:13
lupinixyes, if you want to use it with java03:13
AndreLopeshow do i do that03:14
AndreLopes-DJavaModular=ON i tried typing that03:14
lupinixcmake -DJavaModular=ON ..03:14
lupinixto reconfigure for build with enabled java03:14
AndreLopesi need to wait the make command to finish now :D03:14
lupinixhopefully it compiles03:15
lupinix[02:47:07] <lupinix> hopefully this one is fixed https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/issues/238003:15
lupinixfound it when searching for cygwin in shogun tickets in github03:16
AndreLopesAH you are one of the developers of shogun ?03:16
lupinixbut as i'm a fedora developer i know how open source projects work03:17
AndreLopesAh i see.03:17
lupinixand a friend of mine (besser82 in irc) is one of the shogun contributors03:17
AndreLopesNice :P03:18
lupinixyes ;)03:18
AndreLopesim going drink something brb03:18
AndreLopesOh no03:21
AndreLopesIm back and03:21
AndreLopes[ 30%] Building CXX object src/shogun/CMakeFiles/libshogun.dir/io/File.cpp.o /cygdrive/d/shogun-3.2.0/src/shogun/io/File.cpp: In constructor 'shogun::CFile::CFile(int, const char*, const char*)': /cygdrive/d/shogun-3.2.0/src/shogun/io/File.cpp:41:22: error: 'fdopen' was not declared in this scope   file=fdopen(fd, mode);                       ^ src/shogun/CMakeFiles/libshogun.dir/build.make:5235: recipe for target 'src/sh03:22
lupinixthis is exactly the error [02:47:07] <lupinix> hopefully this one is fixed https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/issues/238003:22
AndreLopesso what should i do03:23
lupinixask the developers at mailing list03:23
AndreLopesPost to the mailinglist by sending a message to shogun-list@shogun-toolbox.org ?03:23
lupinixyes, but you have to subscribe first by "Subscribe to the mailinglist by sending an empty message to shogun-list-subscribe@shogun-toolbox.org"03:24
AndreLopesno reply03:25
lupinixwait a minute or so03:26
AndreLopesok done03:26
AndreLopesit sent me a password too03:26
AndreLopesso i just ignore and send the email to the shogun-list@shogun-toolbox.org ?03:26
lupinixyou confirmed the subscription?03:27
lupinixnow you can send an email to the list03:28
lupinixto shogun-list@shogun-toolbox.org03:28
AndreLopesrelating all that is happening03:29
lupinixrelating build on cygwin and your error last message03:29
lupinixyou could also add this link https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/issues/2380 and ask if there is any solution or workaround03:30
AndreLopesdang it03:31
AndreLopesi already sent03:31
AndreLopesOh well03:32
AndreLopesi will just wait for now03:32
AndreLopesDo you think it can be solved?03:33
AndreLopesthe post is from jul 201403:33
lupinixi don't know where the bug is...when it is in cygwin it can be hard to fix it...03:34
AndreLopesOk mate thanks for the help :)03:35
AndreLopesGoing to sleep now03:35
lupinixno problem, hopefully you get it running, otherwise i recommend fedora again :D03:35
lupinixthere is also a package java-shogun in fedora ;)03:36
AndreLopesi might do that03:37
AndreLopessee u tommorow ;P03:37
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shogun-notifier-shogun: added support for configuring neural networks using JSON files14:33
shogun-notifier-shogun: Fernando Iglesias :develop * e744e10 / / (7 files): https://github.com/shogun-toolbox/shogun/commit/e744e107e0601c1a3b69598bc05c8ecfea30d49114:33
shogun-notifier-shogun: Merge pull request #2680 from iglesias/rebase_khalednasr14:33
shogun-notifier-shogun: added support for configuring neural networks using JSON files14:33
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TrigonaMinimaHello. May I know what is the status of the "Dictionary Learning" project from last year's GSoC Projects?18:11
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TrigonaMinimaHello. May I know what is the status of the "Dictionary Learning" project from last year's GSoC Projects?19:14
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@lisitsynTrigonaMinima: hey20:16
@lisitsynI have some doubts about that20:16
TrigonaMinimafinally. Thank you for replying.20:18
TrigonaMinimaIt wasn't not done during the last year's GSoC. So will it be included in this year's projects?20:18
@lisitsynTrigonaMinima: I'd have to think about it20:21
@lisitsynnot really sure it is really needed20:21
@lisitsynpeople learn features with neural nets now :)20:22
TrigonaMinimaTrue. :)20:26
TrigonaMinimaSo, what other ideas are there for this year?20:26
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