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@lambdaylisitsyn: hey!13:29
lisitsynlambday: hey13:30
@lambdaylisitsyn: how are things?13:30
lisitsynah fine what about you?13:30
@lambdaylisitsyn: just got your comment on that13:30
@lambdaylisitsyn: didn't get what you meant by "Actually you don't need rewriting operators for basic types - just operators of Parameter and float/int so that any multiplication/addition/etc goes inside your object that represents expression."13:31
lisitsynok let me explain13:31
lisitsynyou have say13:31
lisitsynyou need operator*(float, Parameter)13:31
lisitsynand operator*(Parameter, Parameter)13:32
@lambdaybut say I have a non-parametric thing in my expression..13:32
lisitsynyou don't need custom operator*(float, float)13:32
@lambdaylike -2*sin(98235)13:32
lisitsynthat sounds like a constant13:33
lisitsynthat can be precomputed13:33
@lambdayhmm yes that can be done13:33
@lambdayok I got it13:33
lisitsynlambday: I wouldn't bother that much :)13:37
lisitsynformat is good already I think13:37
@lambdaylisitsyn: yeah this one looks neat as well13:37
@lambdaylisitsyn: sending PR with that one then13:37
@lambdaylisitsyn: one interesting thing is that, I tried viennacl/opencl with both cpu and gpu13:39
@lambdaylisitsyn: and in my machine it turned out that cpu is even faster13:39
@lambdaymy graphics card is intel ivybridge integrated one13:39
lisitsyncould happen I guess13:40
@lambdayIntel(R) HD Graphics IvyBridge M GT213:40
@lambdayya but why is that?13:41
@lambdaylisitsyn: for the cpu one I am using intel's sdk for opencl... and for the gpu I am using beignet13:41
lisitsynI don't know, it could be driver or something13:42
lisitsynI wouldn't expect good performance on such card13:42
lisitsynnowhere near to these things like tesla13:42
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@wikingHeikoS: so basically we made another step towards nightly packages15:14
@wikinglast week15:14
@HeikoSwiking: yoyo15:14
@wikingbut dunno what's the status of besser about getting some more stuff running15:14
@HeikoSwiking: whats the step?15:14
@wikingbut i'll see it on monday the latest15:14
@wikingHeikoS: well now finally we have only config.h + swig_config.h15:15
@wikingno more -D compiler flags15:15
@HeikoSnot sure whether I understand what that means15:15
@wikingwhich will allow us basically to build a modular interface without building actually the c++ library15:15
@wikingif you have a preexisting shogun installation15:15
@wikingthat is required for being able to build15:15
@wikingmodular interfaces standalone15:16
@wikingwithout building the library itself15:16
@wikingwell previously shogun defined all sorts of compile flags15:16
@HeikoSI see15:16
@HeikoSthats great then15:16
@wikingnow we dont have this anymore15:16
@wikingwe purely rely on config.h15:16
@wikingthis has a good sideeffect of ccache finally being really effective15:17
@wikingso now if u use ccache the recompilation of the library will be really fast15:17
@wikingbecause the problem was of couse15:17
@wiking*course that ccache was not hitting any cache15:17
@HeikoSah great15:17
@HeikoSthats really good news then15:17
@wikingbecause of a slight change of the compiler flags15:17
@wikingwhich might have only effected 2-3 srcs15:18
@HeikoSwiking: macos also seems to work better these days right?15:18
@HeikoSso we can have nighly ubuntu, nightly mac, and nightly cloud?15:18
@wikingbut since ccache is sensitive for compiler flags... basically it never hit a cache15:18
@wikingyeah we could15:18
@wikingbut we still need to fix this separation15:18
@wikingbeing able to build a modular interface15:18
@wikingbased on a preexisting shogun installation15:19
@HeikoScould we use this in travis to reduce time?15:19
@wikingbut yeah another problem now is c# modular interface15:19
@wikingmmmm we could although that's quite tricky15:20
@wikingif we could like distribute and persist somewhere the ccache15:20
@wikingthen we actually could save compilation time ;)15:20
@wikingnow travis offers something like a docker based build15:21
@HeikoSwiking: well just a thought15:22
@HeikoSI think a better way would be to split shogun into modules15:22
@HeikoSbut later15:22
@wikingbut that is still shitty atm15:22
@HeikoSwhats the problem with c#?15:22
@wikingwell mono 3.x or later15:22
@wikingis just not compatible with the current swig setup15:22
@wikingso we need to fix some typedefs15:22
@HeikoSwiking: ah crap15:24
@HeikoSwiking: maybe thats a good point for someone to dive into those typemaps15:24
@HeikoSwiking: and then do the matlab ones on the fly ;)15:24
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@wikingHeikoS: so15:40
@wikingwhat's the plan of the world domination15:40
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@HeikoSwiking: what? :D16:23
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