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shogun-buildbotbuild #1035 of nightly_default is complete: Failure [failed test notebooks]  Build details are at  blamelist: Wu Lin <>05:57
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@besser82lisitsyn, yo?17:18
lisitsynbesser82: hey17:18
@besser82lisitsyn, You have a constructive idea, how to avoid ptr when instanciating classes from plugins?17:19
lisitsynwell just shared_ptr :D17:20
@besser82I mean in shogun with plugins it'd be like this:  CSVM* my_svm = whateverpluginstuff.instance('libsvm') ;17:20
@besser82That's ugly, because not all PhD can work with ptr17:21
lisitsynshared_ptr<CSVM> my_svm = shogun.instance('libsvm');17:21
@besser82So I'd prefer real object...17:21
lisitsynyes shared_ptr :)17:22
@besser82like:  CSVM = some_magick_here_to_get.instace('libsvm');   :P17:22
@besser82shared_ptr / unique_ptr will be the same mess...17:23
lisitsynok we can make all our objects shared_ptrs inside17:23
lisitsynso these object are lightweight and we can copy them17:23
@besser82lisitsyn, like:17:24
@besser82class CSVM {17:24
@besser82fancy_types params;17:25
@besser82shared_ptr<CSVMpriv> dptr;17:25
@besser82Would be an idea...  So wrapper class should work it17:26
@besser82lisitsyn, ^17:27
lisitsynbesser82: CSVM is just a really light wrapper17:28
@besser82lisitsyn, sounds good  ^^17:33
@besser82lisitsyn, lemme try around with that a bit...17:33
@besser82It think stuff should be ready for first experiments within the next days17:34
@besser82but we need to expose the header of CSVM_impl for the plugin then  ;)17:34
lisitsynuse forward declaration19:29
lisitsynyou don't need full declaration for shared_ptr19:29
@besser82lisitsyn, but the plugin-class needs to inherit from CSVM_impl...  ;)19:43
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lisitsynbesser82: hmm yeah19:56
lisitsynbut that's ok19:57
lisitsynit could be in .cpp19:57
@besser82lisitsyn, yes, but then we'd have to dup it in to a kazillion different svm-plugz20:20
lisitsynsvm.h forward declares SVMImpl20:20
lisitsynsvm_impl.h declares SVMImpl20:20
lisitsynsvm.h *doesn't* include svm_impl.h20:20
lisitsynfancy_svm.h *does* include svm_impl.h20:21
@besser82ahhh...  now it's clearer  :P20:21
@besser82I though of like directly written in cpp  :P20:21
lisitsynI think this should work20:21
@besser82lisitsyn, ^20:21
@besser82yes, it will20:21
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