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lisitsynwiking: hey16:48
lisitsyngot 2 times to review code?16:49
lisitsyn2 minutes16:49
lisitsynyou can review it two times haha16:49
lisitsynfails with some compilers16:50
lisitsyngonna fix it16:50
@wiking'love me two times baby'16:50
@wiking(c) the doors16:51
@wikingfor your musical education16:51
lisitsynhey come on16:51
@wikingthi sis for N/A16:52
lisitsynwiking: you think I don't know doors16:52
@wikingwell you are young16:52
lisitsynI am insulated that much I can't speak16:52
@wikingand inocent :)))16:52
lisitsynwiking: yes that's for notavailable shit16:53
lisitsynand defaults16:53
@wikingtemplate niiiiinjaaaa16:53
@wikinghave you read too much scala code lately?16:55
lisitsynwiking: hmm no why :)16:55
@wikingthis interface sooooo much reminds me16:55
lisitsynnaming is from haskell16:55
lisitsynbut well I only heard some things16:56
lisitsynnot really coding in haskell16:56
lisitsyntoo stupid for that16:56
@wikingfunctional programing is great16:57
@wikingbut hard to collaborate16:57
@wikingyou got 2 hearts ;)16:58
@wikinghahah lol16:59
@wikingi realised i never saw a doors video clip16:59
lisitsynfavourite movie :D17:05
lisitsynwiking: mister wolf is the best guy ever17:06
lisitsynhaha well you do python ain't you17:07
lisitsynwiking: do you know anything similar to dash but in command line?17:26
@wikingnoup unfortunately17:32
@wikingwould love to have it17:32
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