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CaBahow can I iterate throuh ModelSelectionParameters in python?12:22
@wikingehhe hwe should create a FAQ from your questions :)12:37
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CaBawiking: hm, is that a good or a bad thing? ;)13:04
CaBawiking: theoretically this is even covered in the python examples, there a snippet of code that is commented out. and it doesn't work. which is probably the reason ;)13:06
@wikingi mean it's a good thing13:22
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travis-ciit's Heiko Strathmann's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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CaBawiking: but you don't happen to know how to do this? ;)14:05
CaBa <- this kind of code doesn't work unfortunately14:36
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Saurabh7CaBa, this should work
CaBaSaurabh7: uh, how does that work? does it remember how many times it was called?18:04
CaBaSaurabh7: and why doesn't the other approach work?18:04
CaBaCan one disable the whole googlemock thing during build?18:19
Saurabh7CaBa, first one works in c++ just checked18:37
Saurabh7so its a return type issue in python18:38
Saurabh7CaBa, disable tests with DENABLE_TESTING=OFF18:40
CaBaSaurabh7: i saw the pointer type casting happening in C++, i don't know how SWIG handles this18:41
CaBaSaurabh7: the class name looks fine in python, i.e. what i get in return. it just doesn't seem to have any members...18:41
Saurabh7yes for python it looks like that it has no members because its SGObject type , weird but needs to be fixed i think18:46
Saurabh7CaBa, name might look fine beacuse SGObject->get_name() still returns the correct name18:49
CaBaSaurabh7: i see19:08
CaBaSaurabh7: get_single_combination() just iterates through all combinations infinitely?19:08
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CaBacan i use features and labels objects concurrently?20:52
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@wikingCaBa: you mean whether they are thread safe?23:03
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