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c4goldswshogun-buildbot dance01:34
c4goldswbuildbot dance01:34
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OXPHOS@wiking: hey got time? im wondering about the template implementation02:33
c4goldswHey OXPHOS02:34
c4goldswI think it's pretty quiet here.02:35
OXPHOSc4goldsw: hey ;)02:39
c4goldswYou're in NY, right?02:39
OXPHOSc4goldsw: might be too early for wiking..just curious02:39
OXPHOSc4goldsw: nope im now in china. came back last weekend02:40
c4goldswAh, ok.  I'm heading to Colorado and AZ from Denmark for Vacation in a few hours02:40
OXPHOSc4goldsw: cool r u from denmark? very nice place as i heard02:41
c4goldswI'm not Danish, I just happen to have lived  there - I study in Canada, but my family is still here in DK.  It is nice too,02:41
OXPHOSc4goldsw: but it's kinda hot in of my friends was there last week, around 40C?02:41
c4goldswOXPHOS I'm actually going rafting down the Grand Canyon for two weeks02:42
c4goldswit's ~300 kilometers.02:42
c4goldswSo it might be a bit cooler down in the Canyon.02:42
c4goldswBless, my unit test worked.02:42
c4goldswOXPHOS: Where in China are you?02:43
OXPHOSit will ;)02:43
OXPHOSin a city 300km from BJ02:43
OXPHOSbut the same hot02:43
c4goldswI've been to BJ once, for three weeks - three years ago.  Quite fun.02:44
OXPHOSwhoo really? which season? that makes a big difference02:44
OXPHOSIt's quite different - i gotta say - after 3 years in the US. Sometimes I'm not used to what people do02:46
c4goldswSummer - the weather was decent.  It was also to see the smog.02:47
c4goldswI should get back to work, but I'll be on the IRC.02:47
OXPHOSc4goldsw: kk good luck and enjoy the vacation!02:49
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Wking_Oxphos here?05:32
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sanujshogun-buildbot, dance10:03
@wikingyep friday dance time10:04
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@HeikoSSaurabh7_: jojo11:47
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Saurabh7HeikoS, yo11:52
@HeikoSSaurabh7 jojo11:52
@HeikoSjust saw your email11:52
@HeikoSneed a PR so I can commetn11:52
@HeikoSSaurabh7 duplicate features should be no problem11:52
Saurabh7yes i saw11:52
Saurabh7ah I did cahnges on top of that actually11:52
@HeikoSSaurabh7 ok?11:53
@HeikoSany idea already how much that helps for RF?11:53
Saurabh7HeikoS, so its makes sense to ahve duplicate indices11:53
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@HeikoSSaurabh7: what do you mean?11:54
@HeikoSSaurabh7:  in terms of the algorithm in correct?11:54
Saurabh7 a subset like 2 0 2 111:54
Saurabh72 is repeated11:54
@HeikoSSaurabh7: i get it, is that part of algo or not?11:54
@HeikoSSaurabh7: I mean it is easy to deal with11:55
Saurabh7choosing a random subset is  a part11:55
@HeikoSquestion is: is this wanted11:55
@HeikoSbecause intuitively, doesnt really make sense11:55
Saurabh7we can permute indices and choose first ones or so11:55
@HeikoSSaurabh7: nono11:55
@HeikoSwe have to check whether we should do that or not first11:55
@HeikoSthat is, try to understand why it is done atm, is it done in alternative implementations?11:56
Saurabh7not sure completely11:57
@HeikoSSaurabh7: gotta clear that !11:57
@HeikoSbefore dealing with it11:57
@HeikoSSaurabh7: btw results should not change if you presort11:57
Saurabh7no results are not changing11:57
@HeikoSSaurabh7: also, I did not really get this flag you introduced, would presorting be optional?11:57
Saurabh7HeikoS, for single tree I thought it wold be optional11:58
@HeikoSSaurabh7: why?11:58
@HeikoSSaurabh7: because you only sort once anyways11:58
@HeikoSjust need a possibility to set a presorted (transposed) feature matrix11:58
@HeikoSyou can make pre-sort() a method11:59
@HeikoSwhich you have already11:59
@HeikoSand also want a setter11:59
@HeikoSbut you should always presort I think,11:59
@HeikoSor is there a use case where you dont want to do that?11:59
Saurabh7ye  you migh tbe right11:59
Saurabh7I was thinking for a node split sometimes we dont need to sort all vectors just the subset11:59
@HeikoSbut if you presort everything once12:00
@HeikoSthat should do it no?12:00
Saurabh7but best it to check12:00
@HeikoSSaurabh7: but I see what oyu mean12:01
@HeikoSyou kinda want to avoid sorting all12:01
@HeikoSwhen not all are used?12:01
@HeikoSId rater presort all12:01
Saurabh7no, sort onyl ones needed12:01
@HeikoSCART is never used alone12:01
@HeikoSand in RF12:01
@HeikoSyou will in total have everything sorted12:01
Saurabh7yes in RF definetly12:02
@HeikoSSaurabh7: cool12:03
@HeikoSSaurabh7: so we got that going almost12:03
@HeikoSgotta check these double indices12:03
@HeikoSmight be that we can unique them, but really check this12:03
@HeikoSmight have important implications12:03
Saurabh7HeikoS,  yes thinking12:03
Saurabh7ok i will check if its correct12:04
Saurabh7otherwise make it work12:04
@HeikoSSaurabh7: ok lets merge this then when done12:04
@HeikoSand do feature parallel afterwards12:04
@HeikoSshould be quite fast then :)12:04
Saurabh7yep want to se it in parallel :)12:05
@HeikoSSaurabh7:  but lets do that later12:05
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sanujHeikoS_web, there?18:02
sanujbazdmeg, YOLO18:04
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