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@wikinglisitsyn: :)03:58
@wikinglisitsyn: that is toooooooooooooo funny!!!!03:59
@wikinglemme fix that site :)04:03
@wikingi wonder who are the people trying to contact me :P04:03
CaBawiking: btw, i think the email is still broken11:36
CaBa<a href=""></a>12:14
CaBawiking: that's what i see12:14
* wiking idiot12:14
CaBayou *really* want that guy to get your mail, right? :)12:14
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@wikingHeikoS: ping14:04
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mem_issuesHey... I'm "that guy"... I just needed some help or a point in the right direction.18:32
mem_issuesIf someone does want to help me with the memeory bug I encountered it's appreciated, realize you are busy, but it's be cool to load more samples into my training sets.  Anyhow, thanks.18:37
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@wikingsorry to ignore u19:16
@wikingfor such a long time19:16
@wikingi'll try to check into your question tomorrow19:16
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mem_issuesthank you Wiking... I'm a long time user, sent you guys a fix or two over these years.  Like to have a better synergy with guys... I do see the value in what your doing, thank you.19:25
mem_issuesalso.. I'm here to help if you need me to test any high-mem or icc I can contribute.19:32
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