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travis-ciit's Saurabh7's turn to pay the next round of drinks for the massacre he caused in shogun-toolbox/shogun:
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c4goldswping wiking12:10
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CaBawiking: ping19:06
CaBais there any example on how to do model selection in case of MKL?19:07
@wikingCaBa, hey19:10
@wikinghave you checked the notebooks?19:10
@wikingc4goldsw, hi man19:11
@wikingsorry we've been busy with the release19:11
@wikingand gsoc summit19:11
@wikingbut i'm gonna get to your PR asap19:11
CaBajust staring at this right now:
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CaBawiking: where can i search the notebooks?19:12
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CaBawiking: i don't really get how i can add the kernels with their own parameters to be learned19:13
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CaBahey HeikoS19:13
@HeikoSCaBa: hihi19:13
@HeikoSall good?19:13
CaBaHeikoS: trying to figure aout MKL + MS19:13
CaBaHeikoS: no examples out there, are they?19:13
@HeikoSI am not sure19:13
@HeikoSbut what do you want to model select?19:14
@HeikoSonly thing you need is the regularisation parameter, no?19:14
CaBaHeikoS: the parameters of the individual kernesls19:14
@HeikoSthe MKL learns the kernel weights for you19:14
@HeikoSthe coefficients19:14
CaBaHeikoS: yes but how about the parameters of the used kernels?19:14
@HeikoSusually, one would put in multiple kernels with different parameters19:15
@HeikoSbut yeah you should also be able to model select them19:15
@HeikoSjust do the usual story of building a parameter tree19:15
@HeikoSit is a bit insane computationally though ;)19:15
@HeikoSthere is the ipython notebook on model selection19:16
CaBais there mkl in there?19:16
@HeikoSyou can open manually, but we are in fact preparing a new release atm and it will be on the website soon19:16
@HeikoSas in today/tomorrow19:16
@HeikoSno mkl in there19:16
CaBawell MS i've alreay been doing19:16
@HeikoSI see19:16
@HeikoSdoesnt it work with mkl?19:16
@HeikoSI can have a look19:17
@HeikoS(after we released)19:17
CaBai don't see how i could add that, maybe i don't get the idea19:17
@HeikoSyou build the parameter tree19:17
@HeikoSput in all the things you want19:17
@HeikoSand then as usual19:17
@HeikoSmkl might or might not work with that19:17
@HeikoSbut it is easy to make it work if it doesnt and I can help19:17
@HeikoSbut building the parameter tree should be straight forward19:17
CaBait isn't to me right now19:18
CaBathat's my problem19:18
@HeikoSI can write something19:19
@HeikoStomorrow ok?19:19
@HeikoSI might do it in the plane19:19
CaBaany brief example on how to plug this together would be great19:19
@HeikoShave a 10 hr flight later19:19
CaBayeah thanks19:19
@HeikoScool will do19:19
@HeikoSCaBa: ping me if you dont hear anything19:19
CaBawill do19:19
CaBahave a safe trip19:20
@HeikoSthanks :)19:21
@HeikoSCaBa: hey do you want to contribute a cookbook page for modelselection?19:21
@HeikoSCaBa: in the style of this:
CaBaHeikoS: sure, if i get to figure it out :))19:22
CaBaHeikoS: is running multiple kernels on the same data the usual usecase for MKL?19:24
CaBaHeikoS: because that's not what I'm doing... every kernel works on it's own data in my case19:24
@HeikoSyeah it is fine19:24
@HeikoSbut depends on what you want to do19:25
@HeikoSwe have a noteobok on mkl, you saw that?19:25
CaBayep, just went through that19:25
CaBathe old school examples are a bit more exhaustive here i think ;)19:26
lisitsynhey guys19:26
CaBahey lisitsyn19:26
lisitsynHeikoS: you back?19:26
lisitsynthanks for the plan19:26
lisitsynglanced over it19:26
CaBabbl, going home19:26
lisitsynwiking: hey19:29
@wikingwhen are you coming back to shogun? :D19:29
lisitsynis it an invitation?19:29
lisitsynI guess nips19:29
lisitsynnips anybody?19:29
@wikingnot this year again :(19:30
lisitsynyour employer19:31
@wikingso btw19:31
@wikingdo you have somewhere that SG_ADD patch19:31
@wikingthat is not yet 100%19:31
@wikingbut still something19:31
lisitsynuhmm yes19:31
lisitsynwant to finish it?19:31
@wikingyeah woudl be good to have it out there19:31
@wikingso either we finish it19:31
@wikingor somebody19:31
lisitsynit is terrible19:31
lisitsynI mean I got into it19:31
lisitsynand then I realize I'm in freaking narnia19:32
lisitsynall is fragile and19:32
lisitsynno idea how to unfuck it19:32
@wikingheheh no worries19:32
@wikingwe'll see19:32
@wikingjust have it somewhere public19:32
@wikingso we can play with it19:32
lisitsynthis branch19:33
lisitsynwiking: you will get the basic idea19:34
lisitsynI cna describe what is fucked19:34
lisitsynthe thing is I had to patch any19:34
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lisitsynto support policy different from default19:34
lisitsyndefault policy is like copy like a pro19:35
c4goldswwiking Hey there19:35
lisitsynso it's owning19:35
c4goldswIt's fine, no rush.19:35
lisitsynand I tried to add non-owning policy19:35
c4goldswHey HeikoS19:35
lisitsynbut here comes maths19:35
lisitsynyou have owning x owning19:35
lisitsynowning x non-owning19:35
lisitsynand I am not even sure I covered everything19:36
@HeikoSCaBa: well yeah, the idea is to port them all :)19:36
lisitsynit's quite tough19:36
@HeikoSc4goldsw: hi there19:36
lisitsynthen as a desperate attempt I tried to add equals19:36
@wikinglisitsyn, ah i see ... let's see i mean this is definitely like 6.0.0 so we hav etime to figure out shit19:36
@wikingwe are gonna just fix notebooks19:37
@wikingand some builds19:37
@wikingand then release whatever is now in develop19:37
@wikingto test the new release pipeline + website19:37
lisitsynso tldr: it is conceptually fucked so I had to take time to think19:37
lisitsynthis means I context switched for an year19:37
@wikingsure, we still have time19:37
@wikingtill 6.019:37
lisitsynmy context switching is like19:37
lisitsynyear by year19:37
lisitsynare you in the us still?19:38
@wikingnext to heiko19:38
@wikingtrying to fix the last shit19:38
lisitsynslap him19:38
@wikingto be able to release today19:38
@HeikoSlisitsyn: what????19:38
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lisitsynHeikoS: what? ;)19:39
@wikinganyhow let's see how the release pipeline works out19:39
@wiking :)))19:39
@wikinglisitsyn, have you seen that the buildbot is actually autodeploy the new website19:39
@wiking?: )19:39
lisitsynwiking: oh you rock19:39
@wikingwhen you push to shogun-web2 ? :D19:39
@wikingwe have now in buildbot like all sorts of automation like this19:39
@wikingnot only libshogun builds19:39
lisitsynoh this is good19:39
@wikingand basically thus19:40
@wikingwe have a full release pipeline19:40
@wikingthat creates all the artifacts19:40
@wikingthat is needed for a release19:40
@wikingonce you push/merge thing into master19:40
@wikingbut have never tested it yet19:40
@wikingso lets see how it works out19:41
lisitsynproduction based testing19:41
@wikingwell fuck it19:41
@wikingwe just need to do it once19:41
@wikingand then it should be fine19:41
@wikingand then we can do more frequently releases19:41
@wikingthis is a libshogun nightly docker image :)19:43
@wikingbased on trusty19:43
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