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daemonslayerI would like to know how shogun handles large datasets for algorithms. By large I mean any size > RAM. Does the code use memory mapping or some other procedure?09:04
@wiking daemonslayer depens which model09:33
daemonslayerConsider an algorithm that requires multiple access to data.  Also the number of parameters is high.09:38
daemonslayerAnd a not too high amount of noise but practical amount. Data has average noise levels.09:39
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@wikingi meant09:53
@wikinghave you checked the models09:54
@wikingin the wspi09:54
@wikingthere are which support streaming input09:54
@wikingi.e. online classifiers09:54
@wikingthose essentially can support can support09:54
@wikingas much data as you want09:54
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